Monday, February 28, 2011

Featured at Crafty Moon

Autumn and Boo was featured at Crafty Moon, run by the fine etsy proprieter Moongladegarden.

Here are some kind words from her post titled:
"I'm in love with AUTUMN & BOO"
"Autumn & Boo is a wonderful shop filled with art pieces by Dawn Mckechnie. Her creations are unique, whimsical, & downright interesting. She sculpts each piece from clay, then paints it by hand. The details are always wonderful & fun! From cute little cupcakes to bunnies with sharp teeth, she will no doubt catch your fancy."

Please stop by and check out the Crafty Moon Crab blog!
And thank you very much to Moongladgarden!


  1. Congrats on your featureed artical! Very nice words indeed for Autumn & Boo... I am on my way over to check out her shop asap.